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Sometimes you start the week with such a full diary – multiple appointments on every day not forgetting the inevitable ‘walk-ins’ that are a part of a Headteacher’s day. Monday morning brings a certain level of heart fluttering, low level anxiety trying to work out how you will get through the week and do all that needs doing.

Slowly, slowly then suddenly… it’s already Friday and guess what? You got through. You didn’t just get through – you’re a winner!

How did this happen for me this week?  As I reflect, it was through the following steps (although I didn’t know it at the time)

  1. Take it one day at a time
  2. Do complete work – finish what you start (employ some tried and tested time management techniques eg Pomodoro)
  3. Know where your support comes from – ask for help when you need it – go on just ask!
  4. Make the right choices in every moment – take a moment to think first
  5. Laugh! (at yourself if you need to!)
  6. Be realistic about what you can achieve – then you’ll be more like to achieve it
  7. Don’t say yes when you actually mean no!
  8. Celebrate when you’re doing well
  9. Breathe!

Do great work out there this week fellow leaders!

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