Why it’s great to be a Business Coach?

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Business coaching is an incredibly rewarding lifestyle business.

One of the amazing things about being a business coach is…………..you control your own time, income and destiny. There are not many professions that allow you the flexibility to work from home or abroad, earning significant fees for providing a highly effective service.

In addition it also allows you to:

Work with dynamic and driven people every working day

Success leaves clues and a few of the clues I have discovered is that successful people take action, get things done and many of them will work with a Coach to accelerate their success. As a business coach you get the privilege to work with these focused people who are driven to move forward in their business and quite often their personal lives. Working with people like this naturally rubs off on the Coach as well which is a great side effect.

Have variety in your work

If you get bored with daily routines and week on week predictability then the good news is…..every day is different as a Coach. Typically a Business Coach is working with 10-20 clients at any one time. Some coaches work with clients in similar sectors, whilst others work with clients in a wide variety of fields. Either way, each business is different and has exciting challenges to work on.

Make a difference in people’s lives

Working with business owners allows you to make a positive and lasting difference in the performance of that business which, in many cases helps improve the business owner’s personal life as well. Believe me when I say, experiencing this growth is rewarding for the coach as well as the client.

Work with some great teams

Coaching business teams is also a spin off from working with business clients. When business owners experience great coaching for themselves they are naturally keen for you to work with their teams and associates, resulting in additional work. Many business owners come to realize the power of coaching and that an empowered, motivated workforce matters. Remember an effective ‘front-line’ will impact the ‘bottom line’.

Enjoy freedom to work flexible hours from your home office 

There’s never a commute at the start and end of each day. Unlike an average job you can work the hours that suit you and your lifestyle. You have control of your own diary and destiny and as a result you are in control of whom, when and where you want to work.

Earn a great income

What you will probably find as a newly qualified coach is, as your experience and confidence grows you will acquire the confidence to raise their fees accordingly – Having said that, there are those who will confidently price from the outset. Business coaches are paid well for what they do though. In some instances you are also paid a bonus on the increased revenue growth that has occurred as a result of the coaching work you have provided.

Develop your own Coaching Practice 

Coaching business owners can also be the best training you can get to develop your own business. Over time you will see clients implement new strategies and ways of working, which have helped them grow and develop. When appropriate you will become aware that you can adopt some of these practices for your own business, safe in the knowledge that they are effective.

If you are considering becoming a professionally trained Business Coach and want to know more, you can enroll on The Coaching Academy’s Business Coaching Taster Day with Adrian Webb. It’s an interactive, workshop format and is jam-packed with information and Adrian will share with you the practical secrets of how to make a great living as a Business Coach.

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