Lighting Your Leadership Pathway

My experiences as a school leader raised many questions for me at different points throughout the years as I served in schools as a subject leader, later as a Deputy Head, and then as a Headteacher. I always knew a joy in leading but often it was difficult for me to maintain that joy in the day-to-day. It was working regularly with a coach that brought the breakthrough for me. I continue to experience bringing ‘life into leadership’ every day. Coaching LITERALLY changed my life!

Leadership workshops


We provide highly interactive experiences for your team tailored to your unique school needs. Workshops will refer to research and challenge you to try out the best leadership models in your settings to bring about transformational change.

Team Building Workshops 


These Workshops will focus on the individual strengths within your team and help you to work on bringing your strengths together to create team cohesive and a unified mission.

Head Teacher Coaching & mentoring


We believe that individual coaching is a significant and powerful contributor to addressing organisational change and personal or professional development goals. This can be developed using real life challenges brought out through packages of five coaching sessions.

illuminating leadership performance

Gain Clarity on Purpose

Living without a purpose can leave you feeling drained, empty and unhappy.

Develop a guided plan

Write a realistic road map to your goals that works!

Increased Energy and Performance

Every athlete that performs well has a coach, why not you?

Deal with challenges

When you hit a snag, we can steer you back on track

Build confidence

Communicate with confidence to produce excellent results for your specific industry

Receive personal attention

Receive one-on-one attention and support along your chosen path

Ready to change your life?

We strongly believe in the coaching process and its power to change lives. This is why our team is here to help you to remember your ‘why’ and to bring light to even the darkest days

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