“Heather’s coaching has had a huge impact on me, I now feel much more focused on my future. She has given me practical tools that I have used to follow through ideas, I’m so proud of my achievements.  Thank you Heather.”

Jo G, Birmingham

New to leadership? Coaching can help.

“Following sessions with Heather, I had enough confidence in my own abilities to apply for a promotion and enough self-belief to truly believe in my ability to do the job…”

Anita E, Birmingham


“The coaching sessions with Heather were excellent. Heather’s manner is empathetic and personal, yet firm and focused when required.”

Ed F, Port Talbot

“Over the course of my coaching sessions I strongly feel that I have developed a new dimension to my business model.  This was through positive reinforcement and encouragement to develop my own ideas.  Specifically I feel that I have personally improved in the following areas: improved confidence on starting new projects, developing new strategies for how to start new projects and thinking outside the box for overcoming potential obstacles. I would highly recommend Heather as a coach.”

Richard F, Sutton Coldfield


“The coaching session was focused on reviewing my performance at a recent interview. It was a positive experience that has given me confidence to progress and develop as a leader.”

Surinder P, Birmingham


 “Although initially quite nervous about the sessions I was keen to engage in order to support me in developing my leadership skills. The sessions have certainly challenged my thinking…the accountability of returning for a follow up session has ensured that I have been very pro-active and this has given me a real sense of empowerment.  As a coach Heather has been fantastic with a perfect balance of challenge and support.”

Jo J, Birmingham


“Having recently retired from teaching and at a crossroads in terms of how I wish my working life to continue, Life Coaching with Heather has proved an invaluable experience as, through our sessions, she has enabled me to become more focused and proactive about my future.

In our first session, by completing the simple but very meaningful ‘Wheel of Life’ task, Heather had allowed a holistic insight into my life and this had been a great starting point; seeing a very wobbly wheel was evidence that  in order for life to be a much smoother and rewarding ride, specific areas needed to be addressed.

Coaching helped regain focus after interview

During subsequent sessions, Heather’s skilful and challenging questioning, enabled me to meaningfully explore exactly what I feel essentially passionate about whilst also challenging me to consider and explore new ideas and areas; Heather’s subtle questioning has taken me to unexpected places and has broadened my capacity to think and explore more diversely.  Heather has also challenged the limitations I had set on my personal potential, hence becoming more confident generally.

By the challenging and personally enlightening nature of Heather’s Life Coaching sessions, I believe that I have gained greater clarity when thinking ideas through:  already as a direct result of our sessions, I have put ideas into action with confidence and a practical, clear sense of purpose.  At a time in life when it would be very easy to believe that doors into the working world are slowly closing, Life Coaching work with Heather has inspired me to become more proactive and has given me a fresh enthusiasm and confidence for new ventures.”

Julie F, Staffordshire


Thank you for the coaching session, I found it extremely useful. For the first time in a long while, I felt empowered and motivated. I'm looking forward to the following sessions....

Judith L, Birmingham


Thank you for today, it was liberating???

Razia A, Birmingham 


I have never taken part in coaching or anything of a similar nature... Coaching sessions left me feeling empowered and in control of my ability to carry out the job I am hired to do successfully and confidently. coaching was very clever in steering me and my thoughts to find the answer within. 

Sian S, Birmingham


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