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Bringing life into leadership - 
My experiences as a school leader raised many questions for me at different points throughout the years as I served in schools as a subject leader, later as a Deputy Head, and then as a Headteacher. I always knew a joy in leading but often  it was difficult for me to maintain that joy in the day-to-day. It was working regularly with a coach that brought the breakthrough for me. I continue to experience bringing 'life into leadership' every day. Coaching LITERALLY changed my life!

My questions I now put to you...
Do you want to maintain that joy of leading others? 
Do you sometimes have difficulty matching what's in your heart to do with what has to be done? 

Are you unsure whether you are communicating your vision effectively? 
Do you have good advice or a listening ear from friends and colleagues and yet are still left wondering..? 

Do you want to know that you are leading with honesty and in congruence with your values and to see your vision lived out in the joyful actions of others? 

Are you running on your own rapidly depleting resources?

Are you busy doing for others the things that no one does for you? Are you fulfilling your own potential?


Do you want to feel in command of all the priorities in front of you; struggling to find time for self-reflection? 

Some days you can't see the wood for the trees.  You know you can do ‘this’ (whatever your this is) but don't always know how find those answers within? 

Importantly, do you love leading and want to maintain passion  in leading and have a life too? 

I trained as a Life Coach with The Coaching Academy and set up Luminosa Coaching to help you find your answers to your questions. 
Luminosa brings light and joy and life.

Call: 0778 606 4890

Why should you work with me as your coach?

In the last six months, as a direct result of working with me...

TWO people have started their own businesses (and are living their dreams)

ONE person gained the confidence to diversify and build a new arm to their business

ONE person gained enough confidence to apply for a promotion against stiff competition and got the job!

ONE person has an improved fitness regime

ONE person has started a post graduate course in an area that they would never have thought of pursuing previously (and enjoying it)

ONE person has discovered what direction they want the rest of their career to take and is now actively building skills to pursue it

ONE person has streamlined their workforce to make it more effective

ONE person found that they can now speak publicly with confidence

ONE person is learning how to deal with worry

ONE person has renewed self-esteem following disappointment at an interview

ONE leadership team learned what it means to work effectively together

Now that's a long list of reasons! I am humbled by the trust these people have placed in me.  I am privileged to have spent my time with them. Coaching works!



Give me a call...what could you gain?